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How to Order your Resume online?


1.Select the resume that applies to you from the list below.

2.Make payment online below for your resume

3. We will email you requesting information required to create your resume.

4. It will take us 3-5 working days to complete the resume from when we receive your information.

5. Once your resume is completed, we will email the resume and send this by post.

6. If you require a fast service - please pay $40 extra and the resume will be completed on the next day

Resume $70 (over 5 years employment history)

Resume $85 (over 10 years employment history)

Professional/Targeted/Junior Management Resume $99

Professional/Mid Management Resume $150.00

Professional/Senior Management Resume $200

Professional/Senior Management Cov Letter $85

Next Day Service Extra Charge $40

Director Level Resume $250 with Cov Letter

Covering Letter $20

Medical Resume Edit $280

Medical Resume $550

Basic Job Application Form Edit $80

Application Form Edit $200

Management Application Form Edit $250

Medical Application Edit $400

Change Resume to Graphic Design Resume $200

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